Trading of Packaging Materials

For many years T-LINK TRANSPO-PACK LTD and T-LINK RHEINTAL LTD have already been selling packaging materials. We offer free delivery for small and large quantities (also throughout Europe).

Product range

    • Crates of all kinds, including reusable crates with special locks
      (especially for the packaging of exhibition goods)
    • Pallets + frames + covers
    • Wooden constructions and wooden floors (also for container shipment)
    • CORTEC® VCI corrosion protection system For over 15 years T-LINK has been acting successfully as a wholesale agent in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
    • ABSORTECH® ABSORPOLE, ABSORTOP, ABSORGEL T-LINK is the exclusive distribution partner for ABSORTECH products in the whole of Switzerland.
    • Cardboard packaging, many sizes available from stock
    • Packaging of dangerous goods for sea, air and truck shipment
    • Protective covers for crates, edge protection angles, adhesive tapes of all kinds, vibration insulation
    • Anti-static foils
    • Foils* of every description (flat hoses and half hoses, up to 6 m width /breadth), air cushion foil
    • Caps and foil rolls (1-6 m width) made of PE*- or aluminium composite foils (from single pieces to large quantities)
    • Packing bags* (weldable or with quick-acting closure)
    • Akylux (synthetic inside cover)
    • Labelling materials
    • Impact / tilt indicators
    • Desiccant products
    • Filling material (anti-static / dust-free and/or environmentally friendly)
    • Labelling templates 17 mm up to 200 mm height (with your text, created using our computer aided stamping machine, also in Cyrillic letters)
    • Packaging machines + packaging aids
*all kinds of products can be used in combination with our corrosion protection system. Note: CORTEC® is a trademark of the ISO certified CORTEC® Corporation USA

Contact Person

Thomas A. Wirz
+41 44 850 67 77
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