Corrosion Protection

CORTEC-VCI® is an easy applicable corrosion protection system based on the VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) method for your industrial equipment, machines and electronic parts. Thus your goods will be well protected against corrosion during shipment or temporary / long-term storage.

As a pioneer in the application of the American CORTEC® – corrosion prevention system T-LINK has been operating highly successfully also outside Switzerland since 1990. T-LINK consults and supplies large scale industries in Switzerland as well as abroad. We consult and train packaging companies (packing subcontractors) and other interested circles.

Compared to the widespread aluminium composite method the VCI method provides the following advantages:

    • fast utilisation (application and removal)
    • long-term protection (up to 36 months)
    • insensitive to small damages in the protective coating
    • environmentally sound disposal

General application

    • Export packaging (sea / air / truck freight)
    • Short- and long-term storage
    • Switchboards and control systems
    • Reactors
    • Tanks
    • Heating systems + power stations
    • Military equipment

Internal factory application fields

    • The whole metal industry (excellent application in metal composite technology)
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Toolmaking
    • Clean room facilities
    • Fine stamping / metal finishing
    • Electronic components
    • Plants using laser technology

Contact Person

Thomas A. Wirz
+41 44 850 67 77
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